It's all about the 10 year old Polkadot Dress

April 09, 2018

Every time I try and play the ‘I need something new to wear card’ I’m pretty much know I’m lying to myself. The truth is, there’s a 95% chance I have something perfectly suitable to wear in my wardrobe, and we are all living in the age of wearing it once (as soon as its strutted down the social media catwalk ...aka doing it for the gram). I’m more of a throwback kind of girl. I wear, I put away and I wear again.This gorgeous polka dot dress is nearly 10 years old and still going strong. Can you believe that I bought it when I was living in LA for a measly $21 from Forever 21?  I blogged about it first about 5 years ago and have worn it many times in between. I’ve always been an all-around shopper dipping into vintage, high-street, luxury and boutique. Though it’s an exception to the rule, I don’t always believe an expensive price tag equates to high quality neither do I believe that if something is cheap, it isn’t good quality. I’ve bought many things for under £20 that I’m still wearing now and pieces that cost me a fortune that fell apart after a couple of wears.  Good quality is all about good craftsmanship and paying more for this is all about labelling and branding. I’m glad I can tell the difference now... finally!

Polka Dot Dress from Forever 21 but you can't buy it as it's 10 years old 

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