It's all about the Summer Denim Jacket!

July 17, 2017

Shaved hairstyles for black women
Hallo Ha. Quick outfit post. As I'm slowly but surely getting used to the new do, I cannot and will not get away from wearing black. Even in summer.  Black is my friend. When I'm feeling fat or lazy or can't pull myself together, an all black ensemble does the trick. I am absolutely gutted that American Apparel riding pants are no more. These babies have saved my life! Throw them on and they squeeze everything into place as well as sinch in the waist. I prefer wearing them with a plain black vest or t-shirt, again to give a 'slimmer illusion'. Finishing the look with a denim jacket is what makes the outfit. It gives it a summery vibe and softens the dark, structured tone to the overall look.
My denim jackets are a 'must have' for my summer wardrobe. So easy and versatile, don't know what I'd do without them, especially as I wear black so much!
Shaved hairstyles for black women
Look 1 Denim Jacket H&M (similar here)| Riding Pants American Apparel(similar here)| H&M vest| Chanel boy bag
Look 2   H&M dress| Converse trainers| Zara denim jacket| Chanel boy bag

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