It's all about the Birthday wish list

September 10, 2016

So my birthday is coming up yet again and I really had to think about what I wanted this year. I seem to have a lot of essentials covered and everything else I want is super expensive and unnecessary (Enter Balmain double breasted blazer ... ) I live in a tiny flat already over flowing with clothes and make-up so my wish list this year includes things I would use/wear all the time. 

1. Amber Perfume: My new favourite perfume. I discovered it in my friend's bathroom and need it in my life. This addictive musky (but subtle) scent is luxury and feminine, and smells incredible

2. Sports Luxe ensemble: My fitness regime is as sporadic as my diet (and waistline). So I figured that if I invested in some decent fashionable sportswear, it might be an incentive to get me to the gym more (this is purely theoretical yet to be proven) These Sweaty Betty leggings are apparently the 'bum sculpting' superheros (and at £90 a pair, they bloody well should be!) while the Ivy Park Sports Bra is breathable, supportive and stylish

3. Mum Jeans: It's true. I already have 100 pair of jeans but these are the final missing cut to add to the collection ( and then that's it! er-hem). Most of my jeans are fitted, stretchy denim so I want a pair of high waisted original straight leg ones. These TopShop mum jeans look a good candidate but I'd need to try them on first to see

4. NYX Matte lipstick. I am obsessed with NYX cosmetics... OBSESSED! I've spent far too much money on the matte lip collection because the colours work for my skin tone, really good quality and value for money! The lingerie collection is my favourite so having all of them would be a lovely birthday bonus 

5. I need to start reading again. Desperately! The combination of a busy life and my addiction to my phone are the culprits but my brain is feeling starved to read a good book. A good friend of mine has recommended Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. It's all about women in the work place feeling empowered and confident enough to lead in male dominated environments 

6. I've started to suffer from back problems. Really bad painful back problems. It might be the whole working from home thing as I probably don't sit properly and spend way too much time in front of my laptop. I carry too many things in my handbags which doesn't help so I'm thinking maybe a decent size backpack might do the trick. This New Look one I spotted has a ice texture with different compartments. Worth a try 

And that's my wish list for this year. In all honesty, my ideal present would be to stop getting older! 

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