It's all about the 70's comeback..........Again!

April 01, 2015

70's style moodboard
River Island distressed jeans £45.00Black Five shirt £14.00 Rag&Bone open toe wedges £280 | Phillip Lim Sunglasses £185.00| Gemondo gold plated amethyst ring £49.00P.A.R.O.S.H fringed waistcoat £208.00

 There is a reason why I am a bit of a hoarder and find it hard to get rid of clothes; I always believe certain pieces or trends are bound to come back in fashion so hold unto them for dear life! It will be a shock to some of you that I am over 21.. yup yup hard to believe but true, but with this being the case I am officially going through the 70's fashion revival ...... for the second (maybe third) time! There are some eras people barely remember when it comes to style (er hem 90's and 00's), but the 70's is a vintage one that seems to come back time and time again. SS15 is all about 70's chic but what I love about all comebacks is putting a modern twist to it and being able to interpret it your own way. Flares have been a staple style since they came back in the late 90's, but they are so iconic to the 70's that they remain a hero item for this era. Wedge heels are an absolute must to be able to pull off flares which I love to wear with a nice fitted shirt and.. you guessed it a blazer! To make it more 70's, shirts with bright, floral prints work well with a fringe jacket or waistcoat. As for the 70's inspired accessories, it's all about the round shaped sunglasses, floppy hats, hoop earrings and some gemstone jewellery set in gold (or gold plated) to finish off the look. I like 70's fashion and enjoying the come back.

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