It's all about the Halloween costume

November 10, 2014

" I want to Kill Bill" 

One of the things I love about LA is Halloween in LA. People go to town with costumes and parties, and everyone makes an effort properly getting into the Halloween spirit. When Fancy Dress Queen got in touch for me to review one of their costumes, it couldn't have come at a better time. I decided to go for something a little unexpected and went as B (or the Bride) from Kill Bill.I realise B is played by 6ft tall blonde Amazonian Uma Thurman but hey...Halloween is all about putting your own twist to your favourite characters. 
I actually got some great responses from the West Hollywood crowd and it seems that people who love a movie or character are just excited when they see anyone playing homage to it. The only thing I'd say about wearing an all in one PVC catsuit is that be prepared to die of heat!  I must have lost quite a few pounds that evening in my very own walking sauna. The things we do for Halloween!

Kill Bill Halloween costume

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