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June 04, 2014

One of the things I love about blogging is that I can virtually lust and create my dream wish lists. I must spend a lot of time drooling over things online, wishing they would instantly appear in my wardrobe. At the moment it's all about long term investments for me. The things that will last season after season and year after year, without going out of style or falling apart.  Pricey they may be, but if you consider cost per wear after a decade or two, it would actually make more sense to save and spend on things that will last. Currently on my wishlist:

1) Balmain Blazer : It may seem that I have enough blazers but what I'm finding is that I find one I love, wear it to death and have to throw it out 18 months later. The H&M blazer I bought two years ago for example was the love of my life. I wore it and wore it and wore it some more, and now it's done. I can't find a replacement and even if I do, I'll probably only wear it for another year. So now I'm lusting over this beautiful Balmain blazer. What's not to love about the black cotton and silk blend, tailored slim fit and signature padded shoulders? It seems to be popular as it's currently sold out nearly everywhere but Balmain is known for it's beautiful tailored blazers so I hope that one day I can own one

2) Jimmy Choo blue Lottie suede sandals : I have too much black in my shoe collection so these Jimmy Choo's would be perfect brighten up my wardrobe. They are perfect for summer but can also cheer up the winter wardrobe be it with leather pants, the LBD, pencil skirt or skinny  jeans. I've tried them on about three times and they are oh so flattering. Definitely on the wish list

3)  SWETC embellished sweatshirt : There's nothing like a well made jersey to see you through seasonal transitions, but even better when they are embellished! I just love this SWETC jersey shirt, perfect for spring/UK summer with its clustered crystal embellishments, bringing a whole new level to sports luxe

4) Balenciaga wallet  : After some many years, my lovely Prada  wallet  is looking pretty battered and I could do with a new one. I am obsessed with the Balenciaga gold hardware bags and accessories, and this wallet is just lush. Again I always go for black so the silver/grey version would make a nice change

5)  Tods nude leather loafers : I have been through so many nude loafers that I really need to invest in a pair that will last me. These chain embellished leather Tod's would be just the ticket in dream land. The thing with nude is that it easily gets dirty and grubby so as soon as you've worn them for a few months, they're done. I have particularly been going for suede ones but they just don't last so a sturdy leather pair will have to do. At over £400 these are a little steep but I can't seem to find a pair of real leather ones that's the colour and shape I like at a lower price. So for now these will remain on the list 

6) Saint Laurent Ligne Y bag : Once this bag is mine, I will need no more. It's fair to say that I'm a stage in my life where I can't justify investing in handbags and shoes any more ( no matter how long I save or bust a gut, they'll be more important 'sensible' things to buy .. UGH!) However, before I retire in this field, I dream that this is to be final bag purchase. The Saint Laurent Ligne is everything I love about investment handbags; classic, timeless, great size and simple but beautiful craftsmanship. I went to visit in Selfridges last weekend and loved it, though now I'm thinking the grey would be better as most of my bags seems to be black and gold. I love this bag and someday hope to have it in my life... one can only dream 
What's on your wish list? 

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