Real vs Steal : My new Balenciaga inspired Gladiator sandals

May 21, 2014

There's nothing I love more than finding a good bargain and sharing it with you guys. Though I am totally obsessed with Balenciaga, especially their Giant Gold Hardware story (my bag I bought 6 years ago continues to be the love of my life!), I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much on the Arena stud sandals  I’ve been lusting over! I’d only wear them for a couple of months during summer and would probably not be crazy about them in five years’ time. Because they are such a statement sandal, I decided to go for the steal!

I was on a general hunt for summer shoes online when I came across these lovely T-bar studded Alisha’s from a store called Wynsors. They are perfect for the summer, will go great with my bag and jewellery not to mention my new vintage jacket  . At £18 it’s an amazing bargain compared to the £545 Balenciaga versions. Obviously they aren’t exactly the same but the Alisha sandals are certainly inspired by Balenciaga with its use of gold studs on the black T-bar shape (which are also available in white)

The only time I’m inclined to spend money on things is when I know what I buy will never go out of style and will last me years. Though I am definitely more into buying less and investing in pieces that will last me a life time, I’m sure these sandals will see me through two or three summers (not to mention holidays) and I’ll get good wear out of them. LOVE!

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