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April 02, 2014

I decided to celebrate the arrival of spring by changing my hair and putting in new extensions.  I have been hearing raving reviews about virgin hair ( brazilian, peruvian, mongolian) as they are supposedly the revolution of hair extensions especially for black women. 
The main selling point about virgin hair is that you can wash it, dye it, curl it, straighten it and use it over and over again for up to two years (if you look after it properly) .As I have only had mine in for less than a week, I really need to test this out.
I had my hair done at the weekend  at what seems to be one of the most popular salons in South East London called Crown and Glory.
 There was literally a crowd of 50 or more women in the salon  waiting to be seen so this was definitely a sign that they were good. The hairdresser was recommended to me by a close friend of mine who lives next to the salon and raved about her. I'm always very apprehensive about using someone new purely because I'm so picky and have an exact idea in my head of what I want.
I decided to go for a side parting though I'm always nervous about it because my forehead is basically the size of a small island, and I feel much more safe behind a fringe.
I got the hair from PAK cosmetics in Finsbury Park and I ended up buying the Peruvian Gold body wave weave in 16, 18 and 20 inches in a colour 4 to give myself a layered look. This hair is not cheap and is supposedly the premiums of all hair so I hope it does what it says on the packet. The lace closure is 14 inches, also virgin peruvian wavy and  I actually bought it on Ebay and had it dyed the same colour as the rest of the hair. Apparently you can easily dye your hair yourself but as I was having it done for the first time, I didn't want to chance it.

Initial Thoughts
I really like my style and the way the hairdresser has given me a parting that can sweep across my face ( and give me a side fringe at least!) I'm a little unsure about the colour though.  When I have this colour in synthetic or non virgin human hair,  it's much much darker and I find this a little too light for my comfort zone. I feel like at this point is washes me out as it's similar to my skin tone and I wish I had chosen to go at least a shade or two darker.
If the hair is as good as it says , I should be able to dye it darker in a few weeks but just want to get used to it before changing it again.
This is just the initial review of my hair and so far so good, but I am only less than a week in. I will be doing a 'how's the hair' update, even if do just do quick posts to show you how it's performed after a wash, dry, dye, blow dry and re-installation. 2 years they say???? Let's see ...

Just come out of the Salon - How come it never looks as good as when you've just come out of the salon??? Annoying

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