Blog Crush : Q&A with Anna of South Molton Style

March 28, 2014

All images from Anna's blog South Molton Style

Part of my job incorporates working with a lot of fashion bloggers and I spend quite a lot of time finding, reading and looking through blogs. There are so many inspiring women out there with real bodies, real budgets and real lifestyles that thankfully now have a creative outlet through fashion blogging. I'm much more inclined to like or buy a product from a blog than a fashion magazine as I'm not  6ft tall, size 0 with a limitless bank account. While fashion magazines are aspirational, fashion blogs are real and inspirational so I wanted start a 'blog crush' feature  where I get to do a Q&A with some of my favorite bloggers. What better way to start  this series with a Q&A interview with  Anna of South Molton Style .  Anna has been blogging since 2011, lives in London, works in digital marketing and is one of the most sought after bloggers in the industry.

I love Anna's style because ...
It comes across as so natural and effortless. She is really comfortable in her own skin and manages to put together amazing outfits by putting her own spin on things. She also has a good eye to pick out brilliant investment staples and mixes up luxury and high street in a versatile but wearable way. So without further ado, here's a quick Q&A interview with Anna: 

Q: If you could only have three items of clothing in your wardrobe what would they be? 
A: That' s a tough one but it would probably be a pair of blue jeans (probably skinny legged but not spray on tight), a good white tee shirt (an expensive one, unfortunately paying peanuts gets you monkeys when it comes to your basics) and finally... either a pair of leather trousers (M&S ones are amazing) or a camel coloured coat.  
Q: How would you best describe your personal style?
A: Pretty basic, but considered. I never splurge anymore and if I buy something new, I sell something on eBay or Vestiaire Collective to make sure my wardrobe never gets out of control. I live in my jeans and basic tops. My friends would probably tell you I have a thing for breton stripes and leopard print too...
Q: What do you think makes someone stylish?  

A: I have a thing about the word "stylish" - if someone really is, then it almost goes unspoken.  I just like it when someone takes time to think about what suits them and then it looks effortless.  It certainly isn't about trends or particular brands for me, its about someone looking comfortable and confident in their own skin (and clothes). ME:  Haha I honestly wrote her intro before seeing this! lol 
Q: What is your biggest style tip?

A: It's nothing new but, dress for your shape not for anything else. The most annoying thing for me is making myself say "no" to something I really love because it doesn't quite fit me right. At the end of the day if you don't feel good in something it will stay unworn in your wardrobe!

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