London Fashion Week 2014: What on earth to wear????

February 08, 2014

This time next week, London will be buzzing with Fashion Week. Sadly my many invites have seemed to have got lost in the post (yet again) but I do always think about what the hell I would wear if one of them ever came through. Personally, I think I would be a bit intimidated going for the first time as EVERYONE makes an effort to dress to impress, especially those in the business. The one thing I would do is stay true to my self and my style as it's the only way you can be confident. 
I've put together my Fashion Week wardrobe which would of course incorporate the double breasted blazer, fitted shirt, boyfriend jeans and smart ankle boots. I would definitely wear heels but alternate them with flat comfortable boots as I'm guessing the days would be manic with a lot of running around. During fashion week, comfort is as important as style. 
As the weather is still freezing, I would need a statement winter coat and scarf as well as hat to keep me warm. I'm not one for lots of jewellery or accessories but I do swear by three key things - the statement bag, watch and bracelet (or necklace). 
For me, it wouldn't be about wearing the most talked about labels or most expensive items I own, but about putting together outfits that show off my individual style and take on the trends. 
I am very excited to see what the shows are like, what designers have upped their game and of course what everyone is wearing! London, don't let me down :-) 
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