What to wear hiking when you erm .......don't hike!

August 18, 2013

A few weekends ago, I spent the most amazing couple of days in Scotland looking at beautiful views, eating and drinking ridiculous amounts and errr.. hiking. I know I don't exactly look like the hiking outdoorsy type but when I get in the zone, I  actually end up enjoying it.
 I was lucky enough to stay at the lovely Stuckgowan House  estate up in the Scottish hills, which has the most gorgeous grounds to walk and hike around. 
As the Scottish weather is notoriously known for being cold, wet and windy, I made sure I packed for the occasion with warm and comfy clothes (though I was presently surprised at the sunshine we got for most of our stay). 
My staples for the trip included my trusted Zara leggings, Hunter Wellies and a selection of shirts and jumpers I could layer up. The Wellies  and dark leggings came in handy as a lot of the treks were wet and muddy, and I pretty much got drenched. My favourite new number is my ASOS stripe jumper which I layered up with a white shirt to smarten up my look. I ended up actually having to take a layer off because it was so warm but as I was expecting rain, I also took my mac along. What a lovely weekend it was- take me back!!

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