Holiday Packing Solutions: What I wore

June 10, 2013

Hiii. I know I've been MIA for a little while but i've had a busy few weeks, then got ill and then went on holiday. 
I spent the last week basking in sunshine on one of the lovely Greek islands Mykonos. Though it's known for being a bit of a party island, I actually ended up having a chilled out relaxing time as my body was craving it.
In terms of what I wore, I've now realised that I pack way too much stuff and end up living in a handful of key pieces. Even though I take a variety of options, I just end up throwing on the most comfortable and easy to wear staples so I now need to make a conscious effort not to take so much crap with me next time!
For example, I took 7 pairs of shoes ( yes 7 for a one week holiday) and ended up living in my Havaianas. I packed tons and tons of summer dresses but mostly ended up wearing my denim shorts ( mentioned in one of my last posts here). Obviously if you are doing a party holiday like Ibiza or Croatia, you would probably need take a few more going out ensembles, but I've also come to find that a pair of denim shorts can go a long way if you just master how to dress them up with a pair of heels and cute top. 
The whole point of my summer holiday is to re-charge my batteries, get some sun, give my skin a break and relax, so it totally makes sense that I always end up going for less restricted and comfortable clothes, especially during the day. Here is a list of my 7 key essentials that I end up living in all week:
1) Denim shorts
2) Havaianas flip flops
3) Beach dresses/cover ups- I actually purchased a new one in Mykonos which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it in the window. Beach dresses are investment pieces for me as they last me years. I LOVE this one
4) Sunglasses
5) Best fitting bikinis - I say best fitting because I packed about 10 bikinis but ended up mainly wearing 3 of the most flattering for my shape
6) Hats and scarves - To protect the hair, needs to be done
7) Beach Bag - Even though I took a few handbags, I was way too scared to take them to the beach or even by the pool so ended up just using my  M&S  beach bag all the time (notice it in most of my photos)
This is a big learning curve for me. I'm actually going to attempt to pack a hold luggage suitcase next time I go away and see if I can pack a weeks holiday in under 10kg. It will save me checking in not to mention hopefully ending the constant mocking I get from my friends for being too much of a girlie girl with my enormous packing needs! Happy summer holidays :-)

One of my favourite looks 
 Relaxed H&M shorts, Zara top, Havaianas and M&S beach bag 

What I wore: Mainly shorts, beach dresses and bikinis 

When our eyes first met: 
The ANASTASIA beach dress that had to be mine 

And I put it straight on afterwards :-) 

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