Bring me Sunshine!

May 01, 2013

I have literally had a smile on my face all day today as I can't quite get over how amazing the weather has been.
For those of you not living in the UK, you may think I'm  being a little over dramatic but after the long Winter we've had, it is a breath of fresh air just to have sunshine and warmth at last!
I wasn't expecting it to be as warm as it was today so went for a safe Spring outfit, layering up my little ASOS dress, black tights along with my trusted Zara blazer .As predicted, the studded ankle boots  I introduced in one of my previous posts  is fast becoming my favourite pair as they go with everything and are so comfy!
The thing about Summer in the UK (especially by the sea in Brighton) is that you can never be too sure when the temperature will suddenly drop and get cold, so I have formed a habit of taking lots of layers out with me just in case. Yes I may sound like an old woman but I have learnt the hard way, nearly freezing to death after not being prepared for the schizophrenic Bipolar UK summer.
The only thing I'd say about my outfit today is that it's a little too dark for such a nice day ( black and navy with the black tights) This has now probed me to rummage through my summer wardrobe and start including brights, florals and pastels to my Spring collection just for days like this :-)  

Soaking up the Sun

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  1. I know what you mean ! London needs more sunshine. What is happening ? ! And thanks by the way for inviting Alberto and I to the M&S Press Day :)



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