Girl Friday: It's all about Keeping it Chic Geek!

April 05, 2013

Happy Friday! Aren't you so glad it's the weekend? 
So for my ensemble today, I went all chic geek on my self  after coming across my dad's vintage bow tie can you believe! Never thought I'd see the day where I would rummage his wardrobe and find something wearable ( be it a bow tie), but this was actually the accessory that inspired the rest of my outfit today.
I did mention in my first Girl Friday' post that I try my best to make an effort and dress up a bit at least once a week, but I really couldn't be dealing with wearing heels today ( thank God for the trusted old pair of Converse)
I'm lucky enough to be able to experiment with clothes as it's really relaxed where I work and I can pretty much wear whatever I want ( though some may raise an eyebrow or two if I rocked up  
in a catsuit)
 Today I went for my ASOS boyfriend shirt together with my American Apparel disco pants and H&M blazer.
Not exactly feeling in great shape at the moment so best to keep everything hidden away not to scare people.Go chic geek! x

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