M&S Rosie for Autograph Launch

August 30, 2012

Rosie Huntington Whiteley
 As if you didn't already know ( do you live on another planet?) Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley launches her exclusive Autograph lingerie range for M&S today! Seeing her in the flesh, she is one of those annoyingly stunning girls that you can't help but warm to. And on top of that, the collection is lurrrvely.The rose print bra and knicker sets were my particular favourites with their soft feminine tones and beautifully cut shapes. It was great to hear Rosie say a huge part of the design process was inspired by creating lingerie for real women with real body shapes . The entire collection goes from a cup size A to E with a few selected styles going up to a G! A few of my friends on the slightly bustier side always complain that they can never find cute, girlie underwear in their size that is flattering and comfortable so I will have to let them know about this! ( have a feeling they're going to sell out pretty quickly) Price for me is a huge deciding factor and looking at the collection, I was convinced they were going to be ridiculous prices but it's all so affordable! Bra and knicker sets are around the £35-£40 range and Camisoles at £35. M&S are pretty well known for having an impressive lingerie range and this collection does not disappoint. Me likey .... Mucho :-)
M&S Lingerie

M&S Lingerie
M&S Lingerie launch
M&S Lingerie

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