How many times a week would you go out Make-up less?

March 08, 2012

Hey guys. Apologies for not blogging for seems for ever but I've had an extremely manic few weeks and I've truly neglected my blogy blog. Soweeeeee! From now on I'll be on top of it! So I want to talk about make-up.... or lack of it may I add. For some reason, as I've got older, I've felt more comfortable going out and about wearing no make up. It started when I used to go on holiday and found there was no need to layer my face and clog up my pores if I was going to spend the day chilling on the beach or by the pool.  I used to come back with glowing skin and a refreshed face and got a lot of comments from it. Obviously a lot of it is to do  with sunshine and relaxation but I also found that not wearing make up for days on end was good for the skin! So now it's got to a point where a lot of the time i have make up free days! My friends are divided; some wouldn't dream of leaving their house without a hint of bronzer or foundation and others are with me! I personally think that it's really healthy to give your skin at least two  make-up free days a week to give it time to breathe and get some sunshine and fresh air. So I'm going to do it! I'm going to post make-up less pictures because i think its the best beauty secret. It's liberating in a way and I'd like to know .... who else is with me ladies???

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